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Wedge wire screen panel

2020-09-09 By zhaozhao

Flat, framed and unframed wedge wire screen panels can be manufactured with a variety of rectangular or round support rods. This screen decking magnifies vibration with drum-tight tension and withstands the violent vibrating action. These industrial profile screens are also used in fluid bed dryers, coolers and much more.

Our wedge wire flat screens are all custom made provide and can be designed and built to fit any screening equipment in any specified width and length. Need a stainless steel flat panel screen on special size ? No problem. Size, shape and spacing of profile wire are engineered to meet your special job requirements. Individual wire on the working surface of each wedge wire flat panel screen can be manufactured at a tilt to better serve your needs.


Our UBO is the wedge wire screen panels manufacturer in China, we can custome the filter panel as your requirements or applications, welcome contact us if you want to know more.

flat wedge wire screen panelwedge wire screen panels

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