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Wedge wire screen baskets are key parts of centrifuge dewatering equipment

2016-01-20 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screen baskets are key parts of centrifuge dewatering equipment, basket mainly used in centrifuge dewatering, widely used in coal, chemical, metallurgical and so on.Basket is one of the key parts of centrifuge machine. It is high speed rotating parts.Basket in working not only to withstand vibration, but also withstand the serious impact of coal and water, so the intensity and accuracy requirements are higher. Our wedge wire screen baskets varieties and specifications are complete,it can meet the needs of different types of coal, and the use of different screening requirements. The basket’s main processing dimensional accuracy and low error, fixing bolt holes don’t appear wrong and partial eyes, make installation saves time and effort; Good welding quality, firm structure,Without wire welding and crack .

Screen basket consists of upper flange, bolted-flange, reinforcing rib and ring, stainless steel cone-shaped net drum,Stainless steel cone-shaped net tube formed by the pieces of fan-shaped mesh welding(When welding on the special tooling, tooling is designed outsourcing and processing),Fan-shaped mesh screen made from stainless steel wire rolled special shape and support through special equipment for welding, wire basket cone generation arranged.In order to reduce the slot plug,made under the small slot.Slot specifications for 0.3~1mm, can be set according to user requirements.Baskets by flange on or bolted holes with bolts and host on the LAN connected together.Our company has many years of producing basket experience, wedge wire screen basket made of wear-resistant and good pressure process materials, and special welding process,it is essential for producing high quality screen basket.Our company in this field at the international leading level.

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