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Wedge Wire Sieve Stainless Steel Resin Traps Hot Sale

2021-08-30 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire sieve stainless steel resin traps produced by Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. are hot selling. The wedge wire sieve stainless steel resin traps are good and cheap. The article will introduce them to you.

The wedge wire sieve stainless steel resin traps are used in online water treatment to prevent resin leakage. So as to ensure that if the medium leaks partially or even fails completely, your equipment will be safe.

The features of the wedge wire sieve stainless steel resin traps:
1. Can be customized according to your requirement. Can be suitable for different devices and machines. If you need, provide us with the production specifications we need.
2. It has the advantages of wedge wire screens. Superior filtration efficiency, high bearing capacity, not easy to plug, high execution accuracy, increased capacity, more accurate separation.
3. Capture excess resin and protect your devices. When the resin passes, it can be intercepted and captured by the filter. At the same time, it is automatically flushed through the front and rear differential pressure, and the captured resin is discharged out of the system.

Above is the introduction of wedge wire sieve stainless steel resin traps. Welcome to contact us at any time.

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