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Wedge Wire Screen in Petroleum Drilling

2019-02-14 By zhaozhao

As we all know, the screen is widely used in oil and gas wells sand industry, particularly in the water well industry standing out, screens in the primary effects of oil drilling can be picked out of pebbles may be grit in the oil, you can try to ensure the purity of the oil. So what are the specific oil tube effect?

1) oilfield old well regeneration: due to oil on wrong can regeneration resources so said we not only to learned save more important of is to research skills makes its can again using, now world Shang of the big oilfield has appropriate number wells now has into has production of in the late, out oil volume in yearly of cut, to excavations old well of potential regardless of is which national of oil career are in trying to research processing out oil volume increasingly less of questions, some Exchange owners some side drill level well, and to extends other of set oil scale, Whether or not you want to exchange the owners use common approaches are: "horizontal", well this depends largely on screen.

2) The new oil well on land due to geographic structure and spread oil strata may be to reduce the number of eyes drilling wells, cut pollution on the ground, the oil industry is the most horizontal well drilling horizontal wells can cut many a well shaft, but the drilling Division is impossible to avoid the use of screens.

3) Offshore oil drilling: as China or even the rise of large-scale offshore oil mining in the world, as well as geothermal wells and salt wells and deep wells booming supported which needs more good quality screen.

4) Pipelines of sand: as stating the first effect is the grit in the oil can be picked out, so the casing may be pumping tube is in demand and oil screen combined with the application to ensure the purity of the oil, or post process will become more and more trouble.

To summary screen can be seen in the oil industry no longer, says screen role is irreplaceable in the oil drilling. UBO believes that with the increasing national energy demand, oil exploitation has become increasingly important, mining environment has become increasingly complex, so screens new technology research should be strengthened to adapt to future oil drilling work.

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