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Wedge Wire Screen how to Filter

UBO factory wedge wire sieve bend screens as a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to other solids removal systems. A number of factors make these wedge wire screens an excellent choice.

sieve bend screen

wedge wire screen

The wedge wire screens have a very steep angle. This allows water flow to push screened material off into a dewatering hopper.

1. 0.5 mm screens will actually separate material as small as .25 mm.

2. Automatic spray bars keep dried material from clogging the wedge wire screens. Because they are timer activated, they use 90% less water than rotary screens.

3. Stainless steel construction means acidic wastewater is no challenge.

4. Screening solids before pH balancing can reduce chemical consumption by 60%. Solids can soak up significant amounts of the chemical.

Here are several important factors in selecting a good wedge wire screen filter. First, the spacing between the wedge wire bars can vary. Second, the top of the wedge wire is flat (wedge wire is made of flattened tubing) and the tops should be canted slightly so that they trap the water. Third, there needs to be sufficient runway at the top so that the water can gain velocity. This is accomplished by placing a smooth section of stainless just below the weir at the top. Fourth, the slope of the wedge wire needs to be steep. This is counterintuitive. It would seem that you would want a low slope to slow the water. Instead, you want a steep slope so that you don’t build up solids on the wedge wire screen. Water is heavy and will pass through a steep screen.

wedge wire screen filter

This wedge wire screen effectively removes solid particles from a waste stream. Like the other types, this model uses very little energy and requires only a minimum amount of maintenance. It’s ideal for many different applications including agriculture and manufacturing.

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