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Wedge Wire Screen for Sugarcane Filtration

2021-07-05 By zhaozhao

Sugarcane juice has therapeutic effects, cures lung deficiency and heat cough, clears heat, and detoxifies. Many people like it. In the process of sugarcane turning into sugarcane juice, the sugarcane juice sieve cylinder plays an important role.

In the beginning, the production of sugarcane juice mostly used wedge wire sieve or curved sieve to directly filter to remove the crushed bagasse and separate the sugarcane juice. This is a static screen filtering process.

The disadvantage of the above filtering is that the bagasse will not be automatically taken out and cleaned on the wedge wire screen. If the bagasse is not taken out manually, it will stay on the sieve for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria. And the production efficiency is very low.

Later, there appeared a trommel that was directly applied to squeeze sugarcane mixed juice. The trommel used for sugarcane juice production is continuously rotating, and the bagasse will not stay on the wedge-shaped sieve for a long time. The rolling screen is installed at an axially inclined angle. After the screen cylinder is rolled, the juice and the crushed bagasse are separated in time.

The above is the introduction about the wedge wire screens for sugarcane filtration. We produce wedge wire sieves and screens for sugarcane juice extraction. The wedge wire products we produce are widely used in the sugar industry. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

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