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Wedge Wire Screen Resin Traps Supplier

2021-11-18 By zhaozhao

YUBO is a professional water well screens resin traps supplier. YUBO resin traps are used to capture the resin particles that are carried out of the ion exchanger with the water. We can design traps to capture medium particles of any size.

YUBO resin traps are consist of the wedge wire pipe screen, flange, and flange connection. YUBO resin traps are used in water treatment processes namely in ‘Ion Exchange’ and other numerous media filter systems. YUBO resin traps have a Continuous open slot and sufficient open area to minimize pressure loss through the system.

What are the features of YUBO water well screens resin traps?
1. Slot width accuracy can be customized, can be designed to capture any size of media.
2. High weld strength.
3. No form closure connection that would allow vibration of the profiled bars.
4. Available for all screens including water well screens.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. resin traps can be used in water treatment, oilfield, mining, water well, food, industrial filtration, and other industries. The application of YUBO resin traps is wide and it is popular. If you need, welcome to contact us to know more.

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