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2021-09-28 By zhaozhao

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional wedge wire screen pipe manufacturer&exporter. YUBO wedge wire screen products have been exported all over the world and have been well received.

What are the reasons for attracting many domestic and foreign customers to buy YUBO wedge wire screen pipes?
1. YUBO carefully selects high-quality raw materials for processing and manufacturing. YUBO wedge wire screen pipe has high quality and is cheap.
2. YUBO wedge wire screen pipe has many benefits: it has an anti-clogging structure and precise slot size, uniform gap, large filtering area, and high filtering precision.
3. YUBO wedge wire screen pipe can be customized according to your requirement.

The YUBO wedge wire screen pipe is widely used in water treatment, wastewater treatment, oil well drilling, sludge treatment, paper making, and other industry. It plays the role of filtering, screening, etc.

As an excellent exporter of wedge wire products, YUBO has a whole set of quality management systems. If you have interested in our products, pls feel free to contact us.

E-mail: sales@uboscreen.com
WhatsApp/skype/WeChat: +86 135 2283 8175

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