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Wedge Wire Screen Panels for Grain Industry

2021-03-24 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screen panels are made using only the highest quality standard stainless steel materials. The screen’s surface structure is welded at 90 degrees angle with the support profiles which widen inwardly.

Our company can custom make any stainless steel wedge wire screen panels to fit any customer’s specified width and length requirements. The quality of workmanship that comes with constructing the panels, superior materials used and high precision slots ensure that our panels will meet even the most demanding applications in the industry.

Wedge wire screen panel plays two important roles in grain industry: drying and screening.


Air continuously passes through the wedge wire screen panel, keeping the grain fresh and drying quickly. By improving ventilation in grain bins, grains can remove moisture quickly and prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, grains are stored in good conditions as seeds, thereby leading to greater grain yield.


When storing grains, impurities such as debris, pebbles, and particles may be mixed in. We can determine the slot size of the wedge wire screen panel according to the size of the grain to screen the impurities out and ensure the cleanliness of the grain.

Choosing the right wedge wire screen panel can provide excellent drying and sieving effects for your grains and other crops. If you need any help in selecting a wedge wire screen panel, we will be happy to help you at any time.

Applications for Wedge Wire Screen Panels:
Fish Diversion Screen Panels
Flooring for malt kiln, germination and grain drying
Food Processing
Hatchery Screens
Mineral Processing
Surface water intake screens
Vibrating or Static intake screens

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