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Wedge Wire Header Lateral Water Distributor

2021-11-18 By zhaozhao

Self-cleaning wedge wire header lateral water distributor is assemblies of horizontal herring bone style wedge wire screen laterals and vertical secured round hub. The wedge wire screen laterals have uniform gaps to ensure medium filtration.

Why does the header lateral water distributor uses the material of the wedge wire screen? The following is the answer:
1.The wedge-shaped wire mesh is a V-shaped screen structure, which prevents clogging and ensures a smooth flow of filtration.
2.The V-shaped line structure is easy to backwash, and the self-cleaning ability is quite strong.
3.The continuous gap of the wedge-shaped wire mesh on the lateral water distributor of the header greatly increases the flow area.

The applications of self-cleaning wedge wire header lateral water distributor: the self-cleaning wedge wire header lateral water distributor is widely used in various machines for screening and industries. It is widely used in water treatment plant equipment, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sewage treatment, aquatic plants, and other industries. It also is a key component in water treatment equipment and water installations.

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