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Water Well Screen Resin Trap Custom

2021-12-13 By zhaozhao

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. special in custom producing water well screen resin traps. Our resin traps are a safety device that is generally used on the outlet pipelines of ion exchange units, high-purity water systems, and activated carbon and media filters.

Our resin traps are made of wedge wrap wires and support rods. The materials are stainless steel(or according to the client's requirements).

The benefits of the YUBO water well screen resin traps
1. Continuous slotting, large open area, small pressure loss.
2. V-shaped filter structure, good backwashing effect, easy to clean.
3. Anti-plugging structure can reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
4. High-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, service life, reduced replacement cost.

YUBO is a professional custom wedge wire screen manufacturer including water well screen resin traps. Our customized slots and sizes of resin trap accommodate your existing and new-build spooling restrictions, flow rates, pressure, and other needs. So welcome contact us to learn the details at any time!

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Water Well Screen Resin Trap for Tanks

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