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Water Well Screen

2020-11-23 By zhaozhao

A water well screen is a filtering device that serves as the intake portion of wells constructed in unconsolidated or semi-consolidated aquifers. The screen permits water to enter the well from the saturated aquifer, prevents sediment from entering the well, and serves structurally to support the aquifer material.

Water well screens are also known as wedge wire screens, well screens, wire wrapped well screens, v-shaped water well screens.

Advantages of Water Well Screens

1. The V-shape section plane of water well screens creates a continuous slot, which can avoid blockage and make sure of the unimpeded water.


2. The consecutive slot of water well screens have a wider open area, and it can reduce the speed of the water entering to avoid the sand entering the screen under great pressure, so it can control sand better, which can increase the water yield and prolong the service time of the well.


3. Wire and support rods are all-welded, which makes water well screens more robust and longer life.


4. The longitudinal support rods and the continuous slot make the water well screens have more excellent pressure-resistant performance.


5. Specifications and end connections of water well screens can be fabricated according to customers' requirements.


Whether it is Wedge Wire pipe, screen panel, custom well screen cylinder,  or our water well nozzle,Resin Trap filter Hub and Header Lateral, UBO meets all of your water well development, repair, and maintenance needs.

water well screen for filtration

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