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Water Treatment Wedge Wire Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle

2020-08-11 By zhaozhao

Metals: Stainless Steel
Product Type: Water Treatment Wedge Wire Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle Strainer
Usage: Used In The Water Treatment
Sample Available: Yes
Condition: New
Finishing: Polished
Advantages :
Excellent Roundness
Very Good Slot Width Precision
High Mechanical Load Capacity
Automated Welding Process For High-Precision Manufacturing
Perfectly Adjusted Screen Basket Profiles
Available For All Screens
Surface Finishing As Required
water treatment Wedge Wire wedge wire filter nozzle
Stainless steel filter nozzle is widely used in the field of water treatment equipment of power plants, petroleum, chemical, medicine, food, sewage treatment, waterworks and other industries. It is a key component in the water distribution device for water treatment equipment, in mechanical filters and Especially widely used in ion exchangers. UBO is a professional manufacturer of wedge-wrapped filter nozzle, including single-headed  filter nozzle, double-headed  filter nozzle, long-handled  filter nozzle, plate-type  filter nozzle, and quick install  filter nozzle. The stainless steel trapezoidal winding wire cap produced by our company has the advantages of large flow area, no influence of temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, easy replacement, safety and reliability, etc. It can replace lamination widely used in water treatment equipment. Old-fashioned products such as plastic water caps are a new generation of products in the water treatment equipment industry.

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