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Understanding Filtration Media

2020-04-08 By zhaozhao

The term media is sometimes used to describe a group that is unfriendly to politicians, but in the world of filtration, media describes materials used to capture particles from a fluid flow stream. Filter media must capture particles and also allow fluid to flow through with as little resistance as possible. The dilemma stems from fact that dirt trapped by the media blocks flow paths, so the more particles the media traps, the greater restriction they present to flow. As the fluid flows through the media, it changes direction as it works its way through the maze of media fibers. As the fluid advances through the layers of fibers, it becomes cleaner, but the media becomes cleaner.

How Filter Media Collect Particles

Filter media can capture particles four ways, and usually relies on more than one.

Inertia affects large, heavy particles suspended in the flow stream. These particles are heavier than the fluid surrounding them, so as the fluid changes direction to enter the fiber space, the particle continues in a straight line and collides with the media fibers, where it is trapped and held.

Diffusion works on the smallest particles, which are not held in place by the viscous fluid, so they diffuse within the flow stream. As the particles traverse the flow stream, they collide with the fiber and accumulate.

Understanding Filtration Media

This drawing illustrates how solid contaminants are captured by filter media. At the top, contaminated fluid flows into the media mat. As different types and size encounter media fibers, they are captured by inertial impaction, diffusion, interception, sieving, or any combination of these.


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