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UBO mainly produced head assembly

2016-02-01 By zhaozhao

Our company mainly produced head assembly it had a variety of forms,such as radial type、ordinary type、straight type、figure ten、fishbone、T-sharped and hanging.

Application :It mainly used in electric factory,petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, waste water treatment, water plant and other industries of water treatment equipment and so on.Is a key component of water and water plant water treatment equipment, used in mechanical filter widely, can also be used in acid regeneration of ion exchangers in the downstream device, alkali. According to costomer’s stiuation,we can design the whole reasonable device of acid and alkali resistance coefficient , make the regeneration liquid distributed evenly.At the same time prevent the resin plug into acid, alkali device of branch outlet holes caused the ejector of the pumping acid and alkali difficult . Because of high efficiency of separation and long service life our goods are mianly used in ion-exchange、the filter of clay and grit、carbon tower 、electric factory and water treatment etc.

Function :The middle drainage, water inlet device, the liquid device, stainless steel wire head assembly can replaced the old perforated bags of polyester net ,our goods had improved in large circulation area, evenly in water distribution, high mechanical strength, high temperature, pressure resistance, anti - aging, corrosion resistance. Can be designed on the basis of resin ‘s size. The head assembly not only have long service life, safe and reliable operation, and declined the maintenance ,including resin material losses and other expenses.

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