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UBO dewatering centrifuges basket products model

Our company's dewatering centrifuges basket products model. complete :HSG1500, H900, H1000, VM1400, VM1500, FC-1200 and so on. Also have many slot choose. Products have been made standwear , good technology and high quality stainless steel material and special welding process, ensure the high reliability of the product, can completely replace the same model import basket. so, our company's basket Use a long time, high wear resistance , Washing dewatering effect is good, Use reliable features have good reputation! unloading the blade between the rotor and sieve basket remained small relative speed (7R/min), forced evaporation of the product removed. Baskets for welded structures, sieves for 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, slotted usually 0.5-0.35mm. low moisture, good dewatering effect, under normal circumstances, its service life is 3-4 months (about 30,000 tonnes of dewatered coal) vertical scraper discharge centrifuge for 0-13mm-level end of clean coal and coal dewatering equipment. Our company's dewatering centrifuges basket products model.

1.HSG series:HSG1000、HSG1100、HSG1200、HSG1300、HSG1500

2.VM series:VM-1200、VM-1400、VM-1500

3.H series:H900、H1000
4.TLL series:TLL-700、TLL-900、TLL-1000、TLL-1150、TLL-1200

5.other:E-3954-19BF-C、 42〞、LL3-9A、WZL-1000、WZL-1000B、WZL-1300、VC54〞、VC42〞And so on

UBO professional production and manufacturing, Supply high - tech resistance all - welded screening equipment and accessories: (1) Vibration sieve andstainless steel panel、screen of various vibration sieve (2) Environmental protection equipment grille machine series coarse、fine grille screen. (3)Oil Wells screen, and dewatering centrifuges basket, and other products (attached pictures see page); The leading products of high-tech resistance welded stainless steel plate won the two national science and Technology Progress Award, All selection imported stainless steel material 316 (1Cr18Mo2Ti), and 304 (1Cr18Ni9Ti), than traditional Asia arc welding and punching technology production of similar type products, has structure advanced, and gap uniform, and rugged, movement smooth, and screening efficiency high, and production capacity big, and production quality precision high

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