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The use value of stainless steel screen

2021-03-01 By zhaozhao

Stainless steel screen is a product with strong wear resistance in screening work. Its use value is based on its filtering performance in coal mining and mining industry mining technology. The wire diameter of the stainless steel screen is resistant to friction loss, the steel is strong, the screening ability is strong, and the comprehensive performance is good.
Most of the process of making this raw material is to weave the screen surface. The mesh surface constructed by this process is suitable for screening work. In general, the standard meaning of using certain meshes is to better highlight the uniformity of mesh size, the thickness of the mesh and the thickness of the mesh. The surface integrity is a reference application that can resist the rolling performance of the mesh stone.
The condition to keep the mesh size uniform and firm on the mesh surface is that the suppressed wire diameter size cannot appear under the horseshoe condition. If there is a horseshoe diameter on the Internet, the current situation of using size holes will appear.
The warp and weft lines on the surface of the stainless steel screen cannot appear in various production processes, such as rotating bars, tie rods, and bananas. If the wire diameter is suppressed, the defects on the mesh surface should be used according to the use value of the work to realize the defects generated on the entire mesh surface.

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