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The process of Rice and sugar filtration

2016-05-31 By Maria

The process of Rice and sugar filtration

(1) starch milk regulation: Uninstall broken rice to the pot, adding a certain amount of water, and then mixed and sent to the dip tank to soften. After soaking rice pumped into crushed stone in addition to stage, to the iron and grinding, then put it to the rice milk storage tank. pH and temperature was adjusted to an appropriate value, adjusting the value of rice milk 28-32% DS, and then sent to the next stage.

(2) Liquefaction: starch milk into the buffer tank, and then add the amylase liquefied paint cooker. We need two injections to give a better response. The material is then fed to a flash tank and a tank for pH adjustment for cooling and pH adjustment.

(3) rice protein feed production: mixing the syrup to the filter to remove fibers, protein residues, and the like. Then use the water to wash the residue recycling process glucose. After washing, the residue successively to filter and control of the dryer for protein feed manufacturing.

(4) saccharification: The liquefied material adjusted to saccharification pot, add the enzyme reaction. Maintaining the reaction after a certain time, to produce the desired glucose DE values, and then to kill the enzyme is an enzyme carried off.

(5) Filter and decoloring: glucose through a filter to remove protein and other impurities, and then through the active carbon at a suitable temperature, and finally sent to the filter to remove the activated carbon and sent to the next stage.

(6) ion exchanger: tiny foreign projects and odors are removed by ion exchange, and then we can get high-quality glucose.

(7) evaporation: completely clean by glucose after security filter, and then sent to the evaporator to the desired glucose DS value as the final product.

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