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The necessity of filtration in aquariums

2021-04-02 By zhaozhao

The various cute water creatures in the aquarium, the smart dolphin show in the aquarium, and the mermaid show in various aquariums are becoming more and more popular.
We all know that a good water environment is the basis for fish survival, and the water quality directly affects the survival, growth and development of fish and other aquatic organisms. Water treatment of water bodies is particularly important. The soundness of the water treatment system is directly related to the health and display effect of aquatic organisms in the aquarium. Although the life-saving systems of various aquariums are very different, they can be summed up as the following types of components: filtration system, sterilization system, temperature control system, lighting system, nitrification and denitrification system (especially inland aquarium) and automatic Control system, etc.
Among them, the filtration system is the foundation and the key. A good filtration of the water body is more conducive to the growth of life in the water.
In the water body, not only some residual bait, corpses, secretions, excrement, protein, but also some invisible compounds and toxic nitrogen salts exist. The long-term existence of these compounds will inhibit the growth of fish or aquatic organisms. And cause disease. Most of these compounds are dissolved organic substances produced by natural biological decay.
Therefore, in an aquarium or aquarium, the water source should be filtered regularly, not only to remove some residual bait and excrement, but also to filter out some potential chemical substances. If this is not done, the fish will never grow into Normal adult size. This stunted growth will cause fish to never obtain the beauty of mature fish, and may cause other related health problems.
Therefore, the filtering system here is not only filtering garbage, but also filtering some invisible impurities in the aquarium.

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