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The discrimination method of the material of Sieve Bend Screen Strainer Filter

2019-12-20 By zhaozhao

The material of the Sieve Bend Screen Strainer Filter should be SUS304, but many manufacturers use 201 stainless steel to replace 304 stainless steel in order to reduce the cost. It is difficult to distinguish between 201 and 304 from ordinary people by naked eyes. In order to prevent the users of Sieve Bend Screen Strainer Filter from being hoodwinked, the market order and users' use and production are affected. Here is a summary of the screen bending screen filter material resolution method:
① in terms of corrosion resistance, 201 contains a manganese element, which will rust in the humidor high salt environment for a long time, while 304 will not rust because it does not contain manganese element. The chemical formula of 201 is 1cr17mn6ni5304 and 06cr19ni10.
② the main difference between them is Ni Cr element, 201 is 17 CR 5 Cr Ni elements and 6 Mn elements, 304 is 19 CR elements and 10 Ni elements, so they have many differences in color, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, toughness, etc.
③ in terms of color, the color of 201 stainless steel containing manganese element will be darker than that of 304, and 304 will be whiter and brighter.
④ in terms of acid and alkali resistance, 201 is not as good as 304 due to the relatively small content of nickel element.
⑤ in terms of toughness, 304 has better toughness. 201 is harder and brittle than 304. When a hard scribe is used for the experiment, there will be obvious scratches on the surface of 201, while 304 will not have obvious scratches.
With the correct method of judging the bent screen filter, you can buy products of good quality, avoid buying inferior products, generate more faults in use, increase maintenance costs, and increase costs. Welcome to consult our factory's sieve bend screen strainer filter.

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