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The advantages of wrap wire screen pipe

2015-12-02 By Maria

Stainless steel wire wrap screen also knows as "All welding type wire wrap screen tube",wire wrap screen pipe in world range within was widely application oil, and paper, and chemical, and gas, and food, and sugar liquid, and starch, and beer, and wells anti-sand, industrial in the, its position in the beer filtration industry especially prominent, a varieth of liqud resources filtering screen s the most widely used class a solid liquid seperation process. UBO screens using the whole welding process, ensures the continuity of product strictly, form a uniform gap size, compared with the ordinary use of the welding process, UBO stating both in terms of smoothness of surface and aperture, on product quality is substantial advantages, so as to ensure that the users are more high quality and high efficiency!
The advantages of wire wrap screen pipe
    1, do not obstructive
     2, high strength
     3,large  flow
     4, good temperature change adaptability
     5, adjustable gap
     6, corrosion resistance
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