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The Use of Wedge Wire Filter Nozzles in The Industry

2021-07-19 By zhaozhao

The article will introduce the use of wedge wire filter nozzles in the industry.

At first, let's learn about the wedge wire filter nozzles. The wedge wire filter nozzles are made by welding wedge wire windings on a set of longitudinal support rods arranged in a circle. The wedge wire filter adopts full-process welding, which not only ensures the strict continuous integrity of the product but also makes it form an ideal gap size.

Almost all alloys of wedge wire filter nozzles are manufactured according to the flow requirements of customers. And according to the different filtering media, the wedge wire filter can be made of different materials, such as stainless steel or customer needs. Wedge wire filter nozzles are often used in various industries.

Then we learn about the use of wedge wire filter nozzles in the industry.
1.The wedge wire filter nozzles can be fixed in the filter equipment for the filtration of water gasoline resin and other media.
2.Wedge wire filter nozzles can be widely used in food chemical filtration, water treatment, conversion of seawater into freshwater, water softening, etc.
3.Wedge wire filter nozzles can also replace polypropylene (PP) filters, sand filters, carbon filters, ion exchange systems, carbon absorbers, media retention, backwash retention, resin retention, and resin traps.

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