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The Application of Water Filter Strainer

2020-02-25 By zhaozhao

Water filters come in any configuration like single and multi-cartridge housings, jumbo housings and cellulose filters. There are also fiberglass and stainless steel filters. The reverse osmosis filters, carbon filters, liquid filters, and strainers are some other products that find application in car washes, food and beverage industry, and irrigation.

The product line for water filters is an exceptional one with different solutions for different industrial processes. Some of these include depth filtration bags, basket strainers, and filter cartridges. There are of course different media for wet and dry filtration and custom solutions for the Filtration of dust molecules, cloth and sieve filters etc. These filters also help in wastewater reuse solutions. Many service providers cater to the need of different industrial requirements and provide pre-engineered custom solutions depending on the water volumes and capacity of the plant. They also follow environment compliance for small and large and automatic and semi-automatic operations.

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