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Standard screen classification

2015-07-29 By zhaozhao

Divided into: General Standard Screen, special chemical Screen sieve soil dedicated, gravel special screen, screen sand, special cement special screening, asphalt special Screen screen dedicated coal, metallurgical and other ore screening test

Standard Screen mesh material

Divided into three, features and applications of each varies: wire braid (the most widely used cell from between 2.36 mm to 0.02 mm square mesh only), punching plate screen (mainly used in large mesh, round hole and square hole mesh from 0.2 to two hundred millimeters), electro-forming screen (mainly used for high precision of the occasion, can be done within each cell in the average margin of error). As a standard sieve professional manufacturers must have the tools, microscopes and projectors, tools microscope is used to check the accuracy of the mesh using the arithmetic mean method (now the latest method is normal methods)

The advantages and disadvantages of the three screens

Wire braid lowest cost, good flexibility, but the lowest relative accuracy (to allow large mesh), the mesh may be deformed, (can be controlled by the mesh precision reaming and shrinkage, and electrochemical methods make holes fixed) manufacturers are generally required to have a high-precision mesh production capacity in order to ensure mass production (need to select the line with GB / T6003.1-1997 standards from a large number of high-precision mesh sieve). Application sectors most diamond industry, especially export manufacturers claim is the standard negative difference, because foreign Yu Zhongguo poor half numbers, while more than 90 percent of basic grains such as 230 between 75 microns to 63 microns good.

Punching plate screens, mesh uniform precision and difficult to deformation, is mainly used for detecting large particles, because there are two round holes and square holes, so as to collect bitumen hole screen, sieve hole such as the use of coal.

Electroformed screens using an electrochemical method of manufacturing the highest precision, in theory, can go to one micron precision, but due to different manufacturers, mold process, will be very different, but flexibility is not good, easy to crack, the cost is too high, NA for the production. In the various sectors in both countries, such as inspection sieve pharmacopoeia screen, screen sand, cement sieve, are by industry requirements mesh and mesh tolerances in accordance with GB / T6003.1-1997, GB / T6003.2- 1997, GB / T6003.3-1997. Is a wide variety of user needs, but mesh precision, screen frame with precision, the material is a basic requirement.

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