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Stainless steel water strainer application in water treatment

2015-04-22 By Maria

UBO produced water strainer is mainly used in power plant mechanical filters,activated carbon filters,anion and cation exchange,mixed bed and softener such as bottom of the drainage device,fixed on the bottom of the flower board,also called flower plate water strainer.

Stainless steel water strainer by water cap holder,water strainer cap cover,with trapezoidal ribs screens and diversion tube.Axis of the screen is provided with an inverted trapezoidal fixed cap on water flow through the valve seat cup,under the upper pipe into his mouth water diversion inclusive strainer seat of the site,relief valve at the bottom of the cup,the wall and the upper wall of the draft tube is provided with a plurality of pores inclusive and has a fluctuating flow through the valve at the top of the draft tube.Through the trapezoidal screen pass flow,hole number,pore size and the gap distance setting,which can meet the water cap and filter backwash water.

UBO production of stainless steel V-shaped wire around the water strainer includes Double-tube water strainer,long-handle water strainer,tube-type single-head water strainer,plate single head water strainers.

Stainless steel V-shaped wire around the water strainer,with a large flow area,not affected by temperature,corrosion resistance,anti-aging,long life,easy to replace,reliable safety and environment protection,etc.,can replace laminated widely used in water treatment plant plastic strainer and other old-fashioned water products.Plastic water strainer intensity difference,pressure,temperature,aging performance is poor,especially poor this weakness is strength,easy to break,to bring the safe operation of equipment problems.Using silver up production of stainless steel water strainer,helps users to resolve worries raw plastic water strainer produced.Stainless steel wire around the water strainer trapezoid although higher product price strainer plastic water several times,but in contrast,the advantage of far more than it is worth.After replacing the stainless steel water strainer,almost no damage,long service life.Safe,reliable,integrated,low cost,water treatment equipment industry in the new generation of products.

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