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Stainless Steel Drainage Grate

2022-03-10 By zhaozhao

The stainless steel wedge wire grate is the most popular grating for drainage. The stainless steel drainage grate is made of v profile wires welded on support profiles.

1. Strong and durable, resistant to corrosion and high temperature.
2. Length, exit location, opening area, style can all be customized.
3. Beautiful and generous, it is the city streets, shopping malls commonly used stainless steel drainage grates.

The main application scenes of the stainless steel drainage grate
1. Hospitals, retirement living, and rest homes.
2. Swimming pools, showers, driveways in residences.
3. Fountain, poolsides, patios, and other drainage systems in public and commercial places.

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Stainless Steel Drainage Grate

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