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Smooth surface of stainless steel screen first impression

2015-07-24 By zhaozhao

In the choice of stainless steel wedge wire screen first of all observe its appearance, the appearance of understanding of the product is mainly to observe the surface, so the surface is smooth on a stainless steel screen is very important.
UBO screen has many years of production experience, to ensure that the smooth surface of the stainless steel screen is also very important for the performance of screen itself.

wedge wire screen in a corrosive environment, with a smooth surface is not prone to accumulate dirt, dirt deposits can cause a stainless steel screen rust and corrosion. In the spacious hall, stainless steel screen is the most commonly used decorative materials, smooth surface is not prone to the accumulation of dust, natural appearance reflects the color of the surrounding environment.

Stainless steel screen played a significant role in our life, more and more areas of life where it comes to, but no matter what industry for the use of stainless steel screen need a smooth surface, so we selected first, take a good look this off. UBO stainless steel screen production process, will increase the processing requirements, so there is no glitch in the design process be done carefully, carefully, to ensure that the wedge wire screen can adapt to various environmental requirements.

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