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Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment use wedge wire screen filter

2020-11-03 By zhaozhao

Source of slaughterhouse sewage

1. Floor washing water containing blood and animal manure should be discharged from the slaughterhouse.

2. Discharge hot water with a lot of pig hair during scalding.

3. Dissecting workshop discharges gastrointestinal contents.

4. Dissecting workshop discharges gastrointestinal contents.

5. Domestic sewage in the workshop 

6. sanitary equipment, boilers, office buildings, etc.

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Equipment And Wedge Wire Screen Filter

1. Sewage enters Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Remove large debris, bloodstains, suspended matter, floats and ribbons in sewage, prevent clogging of mechanical equipment such as sewage lift pumps, and greatly reduce the processing load of biochemical systems.

2. Into the oil trap.

Wastewater contains sediment, etc. These can be removed by natural sedimentation. The deposited sediment is regularly driven into a sludge concentration tank by a sludge pump.

3. Sewage flows into the conditioning tank.

Regulate water quality to ensure a stable, continuous and efficient process.

The adjustment tank can homogenize the water quality, balance the water volume, reduce the impact load of the peak water volume on the subsequent processing unit, and at the same time, a partial hydrolysis and acidification reaction occurs to degrade some organic matter.

4. Air flotation machine.

The air flotation machine relies on the air dissolved in the water and the tiny bubbles generated during the decompression release, which will bring the emulsified oil and some suspended particles in the sewage to the water surface and then remove them by the slag scraper. In order to improve the treatment effect of air flotation, the coagulation and dosing treatment should be carried out before the sewage enters the air flotation machine.

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Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment use wedge wire screen filter

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