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Sintered Mesh Filter Manufacture

China Hebei Ubo develops and supplies sintered wire mesh for fine, deep or sub-micron filtration. Common materials for sintered mesh are 304L and 316L stainless steel. More material is available upon request. Mold woven wire mesh and nonwoven sintered mesh are used in many filtration applications such as petrochemical and chemical industries, water conditioning and pharmaceuticals.

The sintered mesh is mainly used for general filtration, filtration and separation of carriers as well as industrial mesh carriers and inlays. The sintered mesh is also used in our product group: for example, one-step cleaning and drying, which may be typical applications.

The sintered web consists of a multilayer woven mesh that is laminated together using "sintering". This has resulted in a wide variety of new materials with a wide range of mechanical properties. The sintered wire mesh design material has a specific target thickness, pore size, permeability and mechanical strength by combining multiple layers of different mesh weaves. Some layers are used for high precision filtration and others are used for protection and reinforcement.

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Sintered Mesh Filter ManufactureSintered Mesh Filter Manufacture

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