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Sieve Bend Screen Used in Mining and Mineral Processing

2019-11-19 By zhaozhao

UBO provides profile wire screens for the mining and mineral processing industry. Among these screens are wedge wire sieve bends, flat panels, vibrator screens, and wedge wire screen filter baskets.


Our wedge wire screen baskets serve as centrifugal liners which require external supports and also self-supporting balanced baskets for the centrifuge manufacturers. These stainless steel baskets are more complex than the other types of screens requiring extra strength to withstand the stresses of centrifuge dryers. These baskets are typically used in mineral processing for coal, potash, salt, sand, pulp, paper and a variety of chemicals.

wedge wire filter basket

Flat Wedge Wire Panels

Flat, framed and unframed wedge wire panels can be manufactured with a variety of rectangular or round support rods. The wire width and relief angle is determined by weight per square foot and efficiency requirements for your specific application. This screen decking magnifies vibration with drum-tight tension and withstands the violent vibrating action.

Flat Wedge Wire Panels

Sieve Bends

You can use a stainless steel sieve screen in mineral processing plants for coal, potash, taconite, sand or gravel.

wedeg wire filter Sieve Bends in mining

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