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Sieve Bend Screen Plate for Sugar Making Process in China

2021-07-21 By zhaozhao

The sieve bend screen plate is often used for the sugar-making process. The article will introduce sieve bend screen plates for sugar making process in China.

The screen bending consists of a concave curved contour screen installed in the frame, and the screen opening is perpendicular to the flow. According to the different feeding, methods are divided into gravity and pressure arc curved sieve screens.

The features of the sieve bend screen plate for sugar making process:
1.Compared with the plate, the screening ability is strong.
Low cost, low energy consumption, convenient installation, and wide application.
2.A larger area, very precise opening, maximum design flexibility, and more robust and durable.
3.Economical and easier to install.
4.The gap of the wedge-shaped mesh is perpendicular to the flow direction of the material.
5.The special V-shaped continuous groove structure is not easy to be blocked.

The sieve bend screen plate is widely used. Except for the sugar-making process, the sieve bend screen plate is also widely used in brewing, malt, papermaking, mining, cement manufacturing, food processing, oil refining, and other fields.

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