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Shipment of filter nozzle

2020-10-26 By zhaozhao

The inspection and loading of the new batch of wedge wire filter nozzles are completed, and they are packed and shipped. Thank you for your trust and order. We will make persistent efforts and look forward to cooperating with customers again.

Shipment of wedge wire screen filter nozzle

The Wedge Wire wedge wire screens filter nozzle can be fixed on the filtering equipment for the filtration of water petrol resin and other mediums. It can be widely used in water treatment, water softening, conversion of seawater into fresh water, the filter of food chemistry. Also, it can replace the Polypropylene ( PP ) filter, sand filters, carbon filters, ion exchange systems, carbon absorbers, media retention, backwash retention, resin retention, and resin traps.

packaging of Wedge Wire wedge wire screen filter nozzles

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