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2021-12-06 By zhaozhao

The SS double filter nozzle also called the water strainer nozzle is manufactured with stainless steel or other alloy materials(according to your needs). It has a continuous V-shape slot, anti-clogging structure, and fine filtering performance. The SS double filter nozzle has a wide application in water treatment applications and other industries.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. custom designs and produces various specifications of SS double filter nozzles. The YUBO SS double filter nozzle is consists of V-profile wires and support rods. Moreover, each wire and rod are made by spot welding. The nozzle is completed by welding fitting pipe to a cover of down end after setting screw according to the type of nut.

The main types of filter nozzles are the single filter nozzle and the double filter nozzle. We can custom produce all types of filter nozzles. Our stainless steel filter nozzles are the perfect substitute for ILMAP and KSH. And our SS double filter nozzle has been used in many water treatment industry solutions all over the world.

If you are interested in our custom SS double filter nozzles, call us to obtain your customized solutions immediately!

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