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Rotary Juice Screen Manufacturers in China

2021-06-30 By zhaozhao

The use of a rotary juice screen is quite common all over the world. So rotary juice screen product demand is also very large. Which rotary juice screen manufacturers in china are good? Let us see today.

According to the editor, Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co.,LTD produces High quality and cost-effective rotary juice screen products. YUBO can produce a satisfactory rotary juice sieve according to different product requirements(The length of the product, the width of the product, the required technology, etc).YUBO rotary juice screen filter factory materials are Stainless Steel and Low Carbon Galvanized. Surface treatment polishing, chroming. YUBO rotary juice screen is High filtering accuracy , High strengh and durability.

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Rotary Juice Scree

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