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Papermaking workflow vibrating screen is divided into 6 steps

2015-07-20 By zhaozhao

Papermaking workflow vibrating screen is divided into 6 steps

Paper vibrating screen is paper coatings, pulp slurry pool, the pool of lime slurry feed dry lime, filler paper, and paper white water and wastewater recycling and so on screening, a sieve classification, filtering and other processing.

1 shaker or S49 high frequency vibration sieve pulp slurry pond of sorting, separating debris and undissociated fiber bundle;
2 Two pairs of raw material pre-sorting dry limestone slurry of lime in the pool in order to ensure uniform particle size of the material;
3 slurry of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide filler paper slurry after screening process in order to improve the accuracy of the filler meets the paper requirements;
Four pairs containing calcium carbonate, starch and other compounds White Water feed filter, improve quality, and White Water White Water to remove the paper fibers;
5 For paper coating surface treatment to achieve the desired effect;
6 vibrating screen can also make use of filtering wastewater, pulp wastewater recycling or other waste water discharge standards and so on so that save capital and protect the environment.

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