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Lauter Tun False Bottom Designed

2021-11-22 By zhaozhao

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. specialized in designing and producing the lauter tun false bottom. Our lauter tun false bottom are manufactured with wedge wire screen. The material is food-grade stainless steel. It is usually used for beer brewage.

The role of the lauter tun false bottom
The main job of the false bottom is to support the mash bed and confine the grains above the floor while allowing the liquid wort from the spent grains to flow through it. The false bottom is installed in the Lauter tun to provide support for the grain bed during the mashing process and to retain the spent grain after runoff is complete.

The lauter tun false bottom made by wedge wire screen has many benefits, such as:
1. It has a precise slot size and a larger opening area, providing an excellent wort flow rate.
2. It is an anti-clogging structure and preventing grain clogging.
3. The 304/316/316L stainless steel material is easy to wear, mechanical strength. Therefore it can support the grain better.
4. Good backwashing effect, easy maintenance, and cleaning.

YUBO lauter tun false bottom can be designed into various specifications and types. There are the integral false bottom and the split false bottom. The split-type false bottom can be divided into several pieces for easy installation and use. No matter what type of lauter tun false bottom you need we can provide the perfect design and solution.

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Customized Lauter Tun False Bottom Mash Tun

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