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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Rotary Screen

2021-07-07 By zhaozhao

Today we will introduce a type of wedge wire rotary screen for industrial wastewater treatment. The wedge wire rotary screen can filter industrial wastewater, oilfield, mining, water well, food industry, and so on.

Based on its characteristics and advantages, the wedge wire rotary screen can effectively treat wastewater.

The characters of industrial wastewater treatment rotary screen:
1. The material of the industrial wastewater treatment rotary screen is SS 304,16L, Stainless steel, and carbon steel. This makes this wedge wire screen strong and very durable. This is very suitable for use in industries and industries with very high filtration strength.
2.Industrial wastewater treatment rotary screen itself is a wedge-shaped wire mesh.High filtration precision.

The advantages of industrial wastewater treatment rotary screen:
1.The "V" shaped special-shaped wire can avoid blockage and ensure continuous flow.
2.The trapezoidal welding wire screen has a strong structure, large opening area, and accurate slot size.
3.A continuous notch can significantly increase the available open area, thereby providing more access to the water-bearing area.
4.Due to continuous slotting, well development is uniform and efficient.
5.Trapezoidal welding wire screen has the characteristics of easy backwashing, long service life, safety and reliability, and low comprehensive cost.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. produces industrial wastewater treatment rotary screens according to customer's requirements. The specifications are as follows:
Materials: SS 304,16L, Stainless steel, and carbon steel
Hole Shape: Square
Filter Rating: more than 90%
Thickness: as per your request
Length: as per your request
Width: as per your request
Technique: welded
Mesh Size: 0.5-2mm
Wire Gauge: 2-3mm
color: white
Slot size: 0.05, 0.1, 0.25,0.50,0.75,1.00,1.50,2.00,3.00(mm)
Minimum slot: 20 mm
Certificate: ISO9001:2000

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