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Importance of Resin Traps

2020-10-14 By zhaozhao

Industries that deal with water treatment would know how critical the role of a resin trap in the prevention of the water treatment systems is. Like an insurance that protects you, your home, or business, resin traps ensure that your industrial water equipment is safe from any partial or complete loss of media in case of any breakdowns.

What are Resin Traps?

Resin trap filters are simple and low-cost protective devices that are usually installed fitted in service outlets and backwash lines on the outlet of activated carbon and ion exchange units, media filters and on high purity water systems. The traps basically make sure that the filtration media or the ion exchange resin do not escape the water treatment device where it actually belongs to, and instead could flows downstream where its not required.

 Resin Traps

Importance of Resin Traps

Many water treatment industries use need different types of Water Treatment Filters where, inside them, are used media in tiny granular, crystallized, plastic, or in powdered form in a pressure container. Different devices like molded equipment complex screens, perforated plates, etc. Filter Nozzles and Drain Systems have been designed to hold the media in the Filter container.

Over the years these distribution systems get damaged via by aging, chemical attack, rapid flow changes, corrosion, thermal changes damage, etc. So, when these distribution systems are impaired, different forms of media or the ion exchange resin leaks into the water distribution system and contaminates or damages the equipment downstream filters like pumps, tanks, valuable membrane filters, downstream RO membranes and any other product that comes in contact.

Therefore, resin traps prevents loss of expensive resin or carbon, Prevents mixing of ion exchange resins, Prevents plant shut down and Protects expensive equipment .leakage of valuable resins during backwashing, cross pollution of resins, damage to pumps, valves and more, expensive downtime and process upheaval, and environmental damage.

So, if you are looking for high-quality resin trap filters , find a out a leading manufacturer like UBO to keep your water distribution systems sparkling clean.

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