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How to deal with the possible damage of wedge wire screen panels

2019-12-19 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screen panels are rectangular, square, round and other perforated sieve plates, also known as porous plate, which has good wear resistance, long service life, moisture resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for ore washing, screening, classification, slag removal, desliming, dehydration, and other mechanical industries.
Wedge wire screen panels products are widely used, but improper transportation and use will cause damage to the products, and the consumers will be in trouble, so what will damage the sieve plate?
Wedge wire screen panels protection: when machining holes, the surface protection is not affected by machining damage. In general, the surface of a perforated plate, such as a plastic film, is protected. The manufacturer takes the product to the proper use and adds a protective film to the screen plate surface. It's easy to implement and doesn't leave any trace in the product list.
Delivery: Generally speaking, the product will be scratched because of loose packing. The installation site does not protect the screen plate, which will cause product pollution.
Damage factors of Wedge wire screen panels: there is no external protection on site, such as plastic film. The price of the slit sieve plate is different due to the height of objects falling or the damage of welding sparks. How to protect the slit screen plate when the product is damaged?
As the final product packaging, try not to tear off the protective film for these protective products, such as the wooden stool on the soft stool. On-site slit screen plate. When the finished products are delivered to the site, they must be bundled first. Baling is usually carried out in the workshop according to different sizes, price shapes of slotted sieve plates and transportation methods. Protection measures such as cardboard and plastic board are also implemented. The above is related to the Wedge wire screen panels. I hope it can help you.

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