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General specifications of Wedge Wire Screen

2015-04-07 By zhaozhao

Use: Liquid/solid Separation In Rotary Screens (internal Filtration),
dimension of Rotary Screens: Diameter: 2200mm, and Length (height) 7000mm.

Material: Stainless Steel Aisi 304.

Profile for 0.10mm: V63 (wire screen Specifications).

Profile for 0.05mm: V20.

Rods: Mnr (wire screen Specifications).

Slots: 0.10mm, 0.05mm.

The Grooves (opening) Is Parallel to The Length (height) Of The Trommel

Quantity: 84 Un. of 0.10mm And 84 Un of 0.05mm

Dimension: Length: 1800mm, width: 1025mm (sense of The Grooves)


Manufacturing Process: Wedge Wire Screens Are Made Of Metallic Profiles (AISI 304), that Are Welded On To Rods (AISI 304) At Every Contact Point, these Profile Are Triangular In Shape While The Rods Themselves Vary In Shape.

Wedge Wire Screens Feature Precise Profile Shapes And Slot Openings (i.e The Separation Betwen Profile), which Mean Greater Open Area And Reliable Slot Openings, the Screens Are Also Non Plugging Self-cleaning And Abrasion Resistant.

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