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FAQs Helps You Order Wedge Wire Screen Quickly

2020-06-02 By zhaozhao

What is the standard size?

There is no fixed standard size.  According to your needs, we will recommend a wedge wire screen perfect for you. Or you can provide the drawing to us.

Are wedge wire screens of custom size available?

Of course, we can manufacture wedge wire screens according to the drawing you provide. Furthermore, we can also design a wedge wire screen according to your requirements.

What kinds of wedge wire screen products you offer?

We offer a wide range of wedge wire screen products like wedge wire screen support grids, wedge wire sieve bends and wedge wire nozzles. For more details, please refer to our All our wedge wire products.

What is the slot range of wedge wire screen panels?

The minimum slot size of our wedge wire screen panel is 0.05 mm and the maximum slot size is 10 mm. For more information about wedge wire screen panel, please refer to wedge wire screen panels . You can choose corresponding slot size according to your needs.

Can you tell me the flow direction of wedge wire screen cylinder?

We offer wedge wire screen cylinders both flow from inside to outside and flow from outside to inside. The flow direction of wedge wire screen cylinder can be customized. For more information, please refer to The Principle of Wedge Wire Screen and Its Advantages.

wedge wire filter screen cylinder

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