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Do you know the welding main points and precautions of stainless steel filter nozzles

2019-12-26 By zhaozhao

Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle is welded by stainless steel wire. The surface of the wire is flat, the mesh is uniform, the welding point is firm, the local machining performance is good, stable, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance are good.
1. In order to prevent the occurrence of welding pores, the welding site must be cleaned up if there is rust, oil, etc.
2. In order to protect argon from the welding pool and facilitate welding operations, the tungsten electrode centerline and the welding workpiece should generally maintain an angle of 80 ~ 85 °, and the angle between the filler wire and the workpiece surface should be as small as possible. It is usually about 10 °.
3. To prevent the back surface of the bottom bead from being oxidized during butt jointing, the back surface also needs to be protected by gas.

4. Windproof and ventilation. Where there is the wind, take measures to block the net, and indoors should take appropriate ventilation measures.
5. Generally suitable for welding of thin plates below 6mm. It has the characteristics of beautiful welding seam formation and small welding deformation.
6. The power supply with vertical external characteristics is adopted, and the positive polarity is used when the direct current is used (the welding wire is connected to the negative electrode).
7. The length of the tungsten electrode protruding from the gas nozzle is preferably 4 ~ 5mm. It is 2 ~ 3mm in areas with poor shieldings such as fillet welding and 5 ~ 6mm in the depth of the slot. More than 15mm.
8. The protective gas is argon with a purity of 99.99%. When the welding current is 50 ~ 150A, the argon flow is 8 ~ 10L / min, and when the current is 150 ~ 250A, the argon flow is 12 ~ 15L / min.

9. Welding arc length. When welding ordinary steel, 2 ~ 4mm is better. When welding stainless steel, 1 ~ 3mm is better. If it is too long, the protection effect is not good.
The above are the main points and precautions for stainless steel welding. The Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle is used for electric welding. The process has a good effect, not only the surface is bright and flat, but the life and corrosion resistance can be fully reflected. Welding is firm, the surface of the net is smooth, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

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