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Different connection methods of wedge wire screen Tube

As we all know, wedge wire screen cylinders have various connection methods, which can be used in different applications, such as flange connection, thread connection and welding connection.
So what is the difference between these connection methods?
Flange connection
Flange connection is a detachable tight connection method. It uses two flanges to connect pipes, valves, equipment and other components into a tight piping system. It is easy to disassemble and process, and form a reliable connection according to different application requirements to withstand low pressure or high pressure. Relatively stable in a vibrating environment.
Threaded connection
Threaded connection is one of the most widely used connection methods. Because the threaded screen is relatively stable, there is no need to worry about slight leakage, so it is suitable for medium and low pressure environments. It is especially suitable for occasions where the wedge screen will not be disassembled for a long time. However, it is not recommended to use under vibration and shaking conditions.
Welding connection
If we use welding connection, there is no need to consider disassembly. Welding connection is suitable for occasions where temperature and pressure change periodically. High temperature and high pressure may cause loose flanges and threads or high-frequency vibration; therefore, welding is the best choice in high temperature and high pressure environments.
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