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Diatomaceous Earth is still the best swim pool filter media

2020-11-30 By zhaozhao

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a common powdered filter media used in industry worldwide for a variety of filtration applications. It is a product that touches our everyday lives and most of us do not realize the importance and functionality of this gift from nature. It's used every day to purify everything from the water we drink to wastewater. DE is the workhorse of the industry clarifying nearly every type of liquid including beer, wine, juice, chemicals, edible oils (including extra virgin olive oil,) pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and many other important process liquids and food products.

DE is the highest performing filter media available at the lowest operating cost per season with equivalent clarity. Today’s modern residential pools are not just simply for swimming, they are a statement of your personality and style. Designs and features in today’s modern pools have evolved and highlight the beauty of the water itself with fountains and lights. This trend has heightened the need for brilliant water clarity to showcase these new features day and night. An illuminated pool at night will either showcase your pool’s brilliant water clarity or highlight the deficiencies in your filter system by reflecting light on particles not visible during the daylight. DE is clearly the choice for these demanding applications. It will consistently provide a crystal clear pool. Sand and cartridge filters can’t meet the level of brilliant clarity that DE can.

Diatomite filter Machines usually uses the wedge wire screen as the filter media, and the wedge wire screen is the best filter media for the industrial filtration systems. We are the wedge wire screen and filter element factory and exporter in China, you can contact us to get more the filter element or drawing.

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