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Cylindrical Wedge Wire Screen Exporter

2021-10-25 By zhaozhao

We are pleased to introduce Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of wedge wire screen filter products. YUBO is a professional cylindrical wedge wire screen exporter. Our products are manufactured with the most advanced technology to ensure high quality.

Based on the high-quality requirements, YUBO cylindrical wedge wire screen is acclaimed for strong mechanical performance, fine filtration, energy-saving, and high efficiency, long service life. In addition, our cylindrical wedge wire screen can provide a market-leading price. Therefore YUBO is welcomed by the market at home and abroad.

The applications of the YUBO cylindrical wedge wire screen are wide. It is often used as rotary screens. It is can be used for coal, mine, and other heavy industries of screening, filtration, etc.

As an excellent exporter, YUBO custom designs and produces cylindrical wedge wire screens with different sizes and specifications to suit different application scenes. Welcome to contact us now to discuss suitable screening solutions for your application.

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