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Conical basket is generally used in centrifuge dehydration processing

2016-02-19 By Yolanda Cao

Conical basket is generally used in centrifuge dehydration processing,Years of practice has proved,the material of makingConical screen drum is stainless steel of wear-resisting ,has a good molding process and special welding process.It is important to produce the high quality goods. Our company is an international leading level in this field.

Dehydration of conical screen drum has high mechanical strength, Sieve seam precision, convenience to install,long life. and has many kinds of slot. The products has proved , after dynamic balance test,the high quality stainless steel material and special welding process,ensure the high reliability of the product. Can instead of the while type of imported sieve basket. So the goods uses a long time, high wear loss rate, Dehydration washing effect is good, the reliable characteristic , get many good reputation from users.

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