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Completing Water Wells introduced

2016-12-21 By Jane

Completing Water Wells introduced

Completing Water Wells(Completing Water Wells) including drilling into the punch at the end, paste, install pipe, filling gravel, check water, washing and testing process. These processes are interrelated, but each has its points.

Well completion technology summed up the purpose of two aspects:

(1) water-bearing strata (layers) of water so that it can flow freely through the dredge well;

(2) closed or isolated non-target, collusion to prevent water from underground aquifers or aquifer pollution. This selective dredging and closed, are well drilling technology to solve the problem.

filter pipe

Filter pipe is part of the well pipe, when drilling the holes meet the design requirements, in order to extract the groundwater to the surface, you must first drill pipe lowered into the well.

Pipe generally consists of three sections, in accordance with its installation location in the drill, from the bottom to the wellhead, respectively for the sedimentation tube, filter (filter) and the casing pipe.

Three parts available by thread threaded or welded to form a connection string as a whole. Its primary role is the pumping of ground, with the tiny particles of rock and soil in groundwater wells to provide precipitation space;

General pipe string in the lower filter, located in the aquifer in the hole location, its main role is to protect the water-bearing strata in the drilling, water filter sand role;

Casing pipe is located in the upper part of the pipe string, whose main role is to protect the aquifer above the borehole, preventing the collapse, as well as groundwater layer of water and pumping equipment into and installation conditions. When selecting a filter design and should meet the basic requirements.

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