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Common problems in the production of wedge wire screens

2021-03-09 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screens are used in oil, gas, and water well sand control industries. The wedge-shaped wire screen tubes are produced by a full-wound welding production process, using trapezoidal wire windings to be welded on a set of support wires arranged in a circular pattern.
What problems are prone to wedge wire screens in the production process:
It is difficult to remove all kinds of scratches produced in the processing of wedge wire screens, and it is also difficult to remove them with the overall pickling passivation treatment process in time, especially the impurities adhering to the surface of the stainless steel mesh due to welding spatter.
The welding point of the wedge wire screen is defective. Although this problem can be compensated by manual mechanical polishing, the traces produced by the polishing will still cause uneven appearance and affect the appearance.
If the wedge wire screen is treated with surface pickling and passivation, it will also cause uneven surface and affect appearance.

Scratches caused by human factors in the wedge wire screen, such as severe scratches caused by bumps and hammers during lifting and transportation, are difficult to remove, and they can easily become the main part of rust even after treatment.
The black oxide scale caused by the insufficient pickling capacity of the wedge wire screen affects the appearance and is difficult to remove.
The above is the relevant content of the wedge wire screen, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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