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Can the Wedge Wire Screen Panel be used in the harsh environment

2019-12-05 By zhaozhao

Wedge Wire Screen Panel is very common in our daily life industry, especially the products after special technology is very popular in the decoration industry. In the design process, because the punching mesh panel is made of metal materials, the degree of freedom is very high, which can meet the needs of different decorative arts and crafts.
Wedge Wire Screen Panel has appeared in people's field of vision, with a variety of. Various types of wedge wire screen panels have been widely used, among which Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Panel is widely used at present. Can Wedge Wire Screen Panel be used in a harsh environment?

The extensive use of stainless steel screen panel means that in the process of use, Wedge Wire Screen Panel will be used in various environments, and its quality will not pass the standard, which will not benefit the application process, but will backfire, so good quality Wedge Wire Screen Panel is not only related to the use but also related to the development of stainless steel sieve plate industry.
Wedge Wire Screen Panel plays an important role in the use of a harsh environment. For example, the wedge-shaped wire screen panels can play the role of screening and filtering in acid and alkali environments. At present, the wedge-shaped wire screen panel is mainly used for screening and filtering in acid and alkali environment, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection industry, gas, liquid filtering, and other media separation. The wedge-shaped wire screen panels for screening and filtering materials can well show that the network level is a strong demand for high temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and other comprehensive advantages.

Due to the demand of the industrial industry, the screen panel is used as an important part of the machine screen equipment in the vibrating screen, which is used in combination with the machine screen. It is used in such industries as screening, filtration, and dehydration. The Wedge Wire Screen Panel is processed, especially screening and filtration. The vibrating screen uses the screen panel for material separation. Therefore, for the vibrating screen, the screen panel becomes an important component in the screening process.
In the process of Wedge Wire Screen Panel punching, the gap control is very important. At the same time, the strength will not only affect the gap of screen panel but also affect the overall flatness of products and welding bending. Therefore, in order to better the technical problems of products, we should choose different strengths according to different situations.

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