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Briefly introduce the processing rules of the wedge wire pipe

2019-12-27 By zhaozhao

The wedge wire pipe is widely used in oil, gas, water well sand control industry, especially prominent in the water well industry, and widely used in water resource filtering screen pipe. The wedge wire pipe adopts the full-wound welding production process, and the trapezoidal wire winding is welded on a group of supporting wires arranged in a circle. Next, we will introduce the principle of wedge wire pipe processing.
1. The wedge-shaped steel wire pipe is used for cutting the small and medium-sized cross-section cut planes.
In the secondary punching process, a flat die is used to press half of the material that has been punched back into the wedge wire pipe. The shear mechanism is the same as the upper and lower punching method. This method does not require a complicated screen tube mold for parts that need to be missed from the die later.
2. To build a wedge wire pipe, we need to continuously optimize its equipment.
In the punching process, the flat mold also continuously returns the material, so it is necessary to continuously improve the shear mechanism of the wedge wire pipe, punching structure, and equipment. Considering the punching process of the punching plate, it is also necessary to control the punching slice and accuracy, so the precision of the mold must also be continuously improved.
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